Pet Sitter Wanted - Seeking Little River, South Carolina Petsitter

What We're Looking For:
Hi there my name is Judy. I'm looking for a dog sitting professional living in Little River, South Carolina. My goal is to find a knowledgeable person with overnight availability.
I have a need for an overnight petsitter in the latter part of September for a vacation in the mountains. Please let me know if you can do this. I would need you to check on my 8 lb Maltese during the day and stay with her during the night. She is very sensitive and I would also need references. By the way, she is pad trained and would need lots of love and care. I would like for you to keep her one night before then to see how she does. Thanks
Other Availability:
We have flexibility if you do.
Please Reach Out:
Message or phone call, via this website and expect a response within 10 days.

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